Nan’s Christmas Carol, 2003

Catherine Tate brings one of her best loved characters: Nan, out for a festive special.

Nan’s Christmas Carol was a one off  Christmas Special.  Based around Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, in this story Nan is visited by three ghosts on Christmas night in her council flat.


“Christmas? What a load of old s**t!” When mean-spirited, two-faced, foulmouthed Nan welcomes the festive season with her usual mix of sweetness, sarcasm and expletives, she finds her late husband appearing to warn her of some impending visitors.

But will the three ghosts change Nan’s ways?







Catherine Tate
David Tennant
Mathew Horne
Ben Miller


Channel: BBC1
Written By:
Catherine Tate
Aschlin Ditta
Gordon Anderson
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 2009


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