Wyatt’s Watchdogs – 1988

Running for six thirty minute episodes over just one series, this was Brian Wilde’s first TV outing since his departure from Last Of The Summer Wine.

The series was created and produced by another long serving Summer Wine associate Alan J.W. Bell.  It was during filming Wyatt’s Watchdogs that Wilde and Bell ended a three year feud which in turn lead to Wilde returning as Foggy in Last Of The Summer Wine.

Also starring in this comedy was Trevor Bannister who would join Last Of The Summer Wine in it’s final years, after Brian Wide’s departure.

Sadly neither of the stars are still with us.


Set in the fictional commuter village of Bradly Bush although actually it was actually filmed on location in Claygate, Surrey, England.

Retired soldier Major John Wyatt  is spurred into action after his sister Edwina’s home is burgled in broad daylight. Ignoring correct police procedures, he forms his own Neighbourhood Watch group of incompetents and patrols the streets in his Range Rover known locally as the ‘Dogmobile’. The Watch members are a hopeless bunch drawn together to fight crime, and bungling and personality clashes are highly evident.  Major Wyatt clashes worst of all with Peter Pitt, a smooth-talking womaniser and burglar-alarm salesman. He only has one thing in mind – to flog his alarms and meet women! Other regular characters include the glamorous man-eater Virginia (April Walker), an interfering Vicar, and a frustrated police sergeant, Springer.







Brian Wilde
Trevor Bannister
Anne Ridler
April Walker
David Jackson
James Warrior
Tom Radcliffe


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Alan J.W. Bell and Miles Tredinnick
Written By: Miles Tredinnick
Produced and Directed By: Alan J.W. Bell
Original Transmission Dates: 17th October – 21st November 1988



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