Neighbours At 35

What has Neighbours got to do with Uk comedy you ask, answer very little but it opened up a discussion about the UK sitcoms that went to Australia and how neighbours ignited what seemed to be an 80’s love of all things Australian and then there was Paul Hogan.

UK comedy ties with Australia were nothing new, after all Steptoe and Son went down under in 1977 after the TV series finished, Love Thy Neighbour had it’s Australian version in 1979



The Two Ronnies also took a trip down under in 1979

However in 1982, a new UK TV channel brought a little bit of Aus over here and it was a smash even if by the time we saw it it was 9 years old: the Paul Hogan Show and as it was screened on Channel 4 we’ll cover it in full at a later date, but here’s a taster



But if your still looking for that neighbours connection.  Australian comedian Mark Little played Joe Mangle in the hit soap, he had a spell presenting Channel 4’s Big Breakfast

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