Network On Air, Now Off Air

Network On Air, Now Off Air, So What Next For Their Vast Library Of Classic TV?

On May 31st 2023 news broke online that Network Distributing, the company best known for it’s vast library of classic British television and films on DVD, Blu-ray (and initially VHS) after being around for the last 25 years, appeared to have suddenly ceased trading following the disappearance of their website. In subsequent days we learned that the company had gone into liquidation, bringing an unexpected halt to their operations.

Their first release in 1997 was  two VHS tapes – Charley Says and Charley Live – collecting more than 100 vintage publication information films both live action and animated.




A huge collection of DVD’s would build following  a DVD releasing deal with ITV in the early 2000’s.  It seemed the go to place for TV that you hadn’t seen for decades and now with it’s demise fans are left wondering what next for what will be a much missed content.

There’s huge collection for TV lovers that will perhaps prove difficult to source.  From Monty Python




to Sapphire and Steel

Morecambe and Wise

Some content has begun to spring up, with Gerry Anderson’s work available to stream on ITVX and Brit Box UK, along with Sapphire an Steel.  Here you’ll also find Sykes.  ITVX you’ll also find Man About The house and George and Mildred.

That’s TV we’ve mentioned over the last couple of weeks is one to watch as it’s evening schedule now showing re-runs of

Benny Hill




Bernard Cribbins Show

In Sickness And In Health

It looks like it’s keep your eyes open time and see who picks up what, at a guess I would think much of the ITV content could find it’s way to ITV 3, 4 and ITVX.

Which brings back another question. What happened to Spiting Image? Here’s a classic moment.

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