Ney! Ney! and thrice Ney! Frankie Howerd hits  the big screen.

The first of a number of big screen spin offs from the hugely successful TV series of the same name.


Lurcio  becomes the inadvertent possessor of a scroll bearing all the names of the proposed assassins of Nero. The conspirators need to recover the scroll fast, but it has fallen into the hands of Lurcio’s master, Ludicrus Sextus who mistakenly reads the contents of the scroll to the Senate.

Farcical attempts are made to retrieve the scroll before Pompeii is eventually consumed by the erupting Vesuvius.







Frankie Howerd as Lurcio
Michael Hordern as Ludicrus Sextus
Barbara Murray as Ammonia
Patrick Cargill as Nero
Lance Percival as Bilius
Julie Ege as Voluptua
Bill Fraser as Prosperus Maximus
Rita Webb as Cassandra
Bernard Bresslaw as Gorgo (Nero’s Champion)
Adrienne Posta as Scrubba
Russell Hunter as Jailor
Madeline Smith as Erotica
Royce Mills as Nausius
Ian Trigger as Odius
Aubrey Woods as Villanus
Hugh Paddick as Priest
Candace Glendenning as Stone Girl


Written By: Sid Colin
Produced by: Ned Sherrin
Directed by:  Bob Kellett
Distributed by : Anglo-EMI
Release Date: 1971


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