One Foot In The Grave, Christmas 1990

One Foot In The Grave, Christmas 1990, Who’s Listening?

This was the first of the One Foot In The Grave Christmas Specials, of which during it’s ten year run there were six.


It’s Christmas time and we find Victor in fine form.

A mistake on a catalogue order form results in 263 garden gnomes being delivered to the Meldrews’ house, much to Victor’s dismay.

The Meldrews meet Pippa’s father, Reverend Croker, a vicar who thinks he has lost his faith and Victor learns more about Mrs Burridge, a video-store worker with whom he had a conflict.









Richard Wilson
Annette Crosby
Angus Deayton
Janine Duvaitski


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Renwick
Original Transmission Date: 27th December 1990