Lord Tramp, 1977

Hugh LLoyd is well known for his many comedic roles from a regular extra in Hancock’s Half Hour to starring alongside Terry Scott in Hugh and I.

However in 1977 he created a sitcom about a penniless tramp entitled Lord Tramp.  The show ran for one series of six episodes on ITV.


Meet Hughie Wagstaff, a penniless tramp, whose carefree life is suddenly turned upside down when it is revealed he is the heir to a title and a large estate – complete with stately home and servants.

Hughie finds his new life difficult to adjust and finds himself slipping back into his old ways, much to the dismay of his staff and snobby neighbours.





Hugh Lloyd
Joan Sims
George Moon


Created By: Hugh Lloyd
Written By: Michael Pertwee
Produced By: Peter Croft
Original Transmission Dates: 1st August – 12th September 1977

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