As the Strictly Come Dancing Juggernaut arrives in Blackpool and as the good Doctor has de-materialised till Christmas, oh and of course today is the day the stars turn out to record the new Band Aid single we thought we’d take a quick look back at how you can’t keep a good brand down.  Are the new versions better than the original? we’ll leave that to you.

Doctor In The House

The first of a series of TV sitcoms based around a set of books and films based around the antics of a group of medical students  at St Swithin’s hospital.

Doctor At The Top. 1991

The originals were huge hits for ITV in the 1970’s, two decades later the BBC brought the series back. Eleven years after ‘Doctor Down Under’, Duncan Waring and Dick Stuart-Clark were back on British soil, and reunited with their old pal Paul Collier and Professor Loftus for this short-lived B.B.C. series.

The show’s failed to hit the spot with audiences. This is a shame, particularly in light of the fact that the original had been one of ITV’s biggest comedy successes in the ’70’s. Perhaps some things are better left to fond memories.

Hancock’s Half Hour – The Radio Series, 1954

The first full length British sitcom, up until this point comedies had typically been a mixture of short sketches and music, then in 1953 Dennis Nordan and Frank Muir experimented with Take it from Here by introducing an ongoing thread featuring the same characters each week.  Ray Galton and Alan Simpson went one step further writing for Tony Hancock they created Hancock’s Half Hour – a full half hour sitcom with no sketches or musical interludes, and so was born the great Brtish sitcom.

The Missing Hancocks, 2014

Despite the popularity of Hancock’s Half Hour of the 102 episodes made 20 are missing from the BBC archives.  To celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary 5 missing shows were re-recorded with a new cast featuring Kevin Mc Nally as Hancock and so we have all new ‘old’ Hancock’s Half Hour as these 5 episodes have not been heard since their original broadcast.

Catch up here

Doctor Who, 1963

William Hartnell played the very first incarnation of The Doctor, an alien being who travels in time and space.  Doctor Who originally ran for 26 series between 1963 and 1989.  After cancellation the show made a brief return in 1996 in a co-production between US Fox Network and BBC Worldwide.  Whilst a success in the UK it failed to connect with US audiences and never made it to a full series.  One of TV’s most successful shows.

Doctor Who, The New Series, 2005

In 2003 as Doctor Who celebrated 40 years, the news fans had waited for finally came – Doctor Who was coming back.  Blistering special effects one episode, one story, four new Doctors to date and still going strong.

Come Dancing, 1948 – 1998

It’s funny that Bruce Forsyth’s co-host on the Generation Game, Rosemary Ford was the final host of this BBC classic that ended in 1998 and it was Bruce himself that fronted the revived version Strictly Come Dancing.

Have a look at this

Strictly Come Dancing, 2004

Six years after the original Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present this huge celebrity re-work that has become one of TV’s most watched shows.


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