You’re Only Young Twice,1977

From the golden age of comedy (1970’s) where all subjects were up for discussion comes You’re Only Young Twice.  Running for four series totalling 31 episodes.  There’s an all star cast doing battle in the Paradise Lodge Retirement Home.

This highly popular Yorkshire Television sitcom starred much-loved TV battleaxe Peggy Mount on robust form as Flora Petty, the scourge of Paradise Lodge a superior residence for retired gentlefolk.  This was the first sitcom to tackle the issue of Retirement Homes, the idea would crop up again in the 1990’s hit Waiting For God


For the most part the show centres around Flora’s attempts to thwart the long-suffering staff, led by Miss Milton.

Occasionally the staff are assisted by former theatrical artiste Dolly Love and the haughty Mildred Fanshaw





Peggy Mount
Pat Coombs
Lally Bowers
Peggy Ledger
Diana King
Charmian May
Georgina Moon
Johny Wade


Channel: ITV
Created And Written By: Pam Valentine and Michael Ashton
Produced By: Graeme Muir for Yorkshire Television
Original Run:   6th September 1977 – 18th August 1981

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2 Responses

  1. Maria

    1981 isn’t in the 1970s! And all subjects up for discussion? ’70s comedy was not that daring!

  2. admin

    It started in the 70’s so it absolutely IS the 70’s. The fact it ran into the 80’s does not exclude it from the 70’s. Are you having an angry and padentic day?


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