A Home Of Your Own, 1964

Long before The Two Ronnies Ronnie Barker was making us laugh in this Black and White comedy film from 1965.

It would be hard to believe that the film was not inspired by the success of Bernard Cribbins’ classic song of the same vein from two years earlier, “Right Said Fred”.


Effectively the film is  a satirical look at British builders in which many cups of tea are made, windows are broken and the same section of road is dug up over and over again by the water board, the electricity board and the gas board (not unlike today)

Ronnie Barker’s put-upon cement mixer, Peter Butterworth’s short-sighted carpenter and Bernard Cribbins’ hapless stonemason all contribute to the ensuing chaos.

The film itself is a noisy, but wordless, brick-by-brick account of the building a young couple’s dream house. From the day when the site is first selected, to the day – several years and children later – when the couple finally move in, the film is one long comedy of errors as the incompetent labourers struggle to complete the house.

It’s also short at 45 minutes long.




Main Cast

Ronnie Barker  – Cement Mixer
Richard Briers – The Husband
Peter Butterworth – The Carpenter
Bernard Cribbins – The Stonemason


Written By: Jay Lewis and Johny Whyte
Produced By; Bob Kallett
Directed By: Jay Lewis
Original Cinema Release Date: 29th January 1965








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