Saturday Nights were Made For TV, Part2

Remembering The Some Of The Greats Of Saturday Night TV

We are looking back to a time when Saturday Night was the big night on TV.  It seems particularly relevant having just lost Mike Yarwood and only a few weeks ago Michael Parkinson.  So here we go with some more Saturday legends.

The Two Ronnies entertained us for 16 years

This character celebrates 60 years this year, but next year will mark another mile stone as it’s 50 years since Tom Baker




The material is a bit naughty for today’s viewer but The Comedians was must see TV running




It’s late night spin off is often forgotten but many famous faces appeared




Of course we have just lost Mike Yarwood

And finally for now we ended last week with Jeremy Beadle so why not again, but this time it’s Game For A Laugh