Selwyn, 1978

Selwyn was the often forgotten sequel to the highly successful Oh No It’s Selwyn Frogitt !

For Selwyn our hero moves settings from Scarsdale to a holiday camp.  Despite the popularity of the Selwyn Frogitt character, this spin off series failed to live up to the popularity of the original and lasted just seven episodes over one series.


Selwyn Froggitt: council labourer, hapless handyman and all-round public nuisance  known to persistently haunt the bar of the Scarsdale Working Men’s Club and Institute.

For this series Selwyn is making an attempt to broaden his horizons.

Bubbling with his usual enthusiasm, he uproots himself from Scarsdale to the Paradise Valley Holiday Camp, to take up his new post as Entertainments Officer.

It’s a big step for Selwyn, but he can surely take it all in his stride..





Bill Maynard  – Selwyn Froggitt
Bernard Gallagher – Mervyn Price


Channel: ITV
Series Created By: Alan Plater
Written By:
Lawrie Kinsley   
Ron McDowell   
Jon Glover  
Jeremy Nicholas
Produced And Directed By: Ronnie Baxter
Production Company: Yorkshire Television
Original Transmission Dates: 5th September – 17th October 1978


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