Some Mothers Do Ave ‘Em – Wendy House, 1978

How about a little DIY Frank Spencer style!

Coming from the third and final series of Some Mothers Do’ Ave ‘Em ,Wendy House sees Frank indulging in a bit of DIY in order to build his daughter a Wendy House.  It’s a testament to just how good this sitcom was that we are still laughing over 40 years after it was first broadcast.

There’s a gust appearance from Richard Wilson and it’s the first time we see Frank’s dog: Columbo.


When the insurance company value the Spencers’ entire furniture collection at just £40 it’s time for Frank to step up his efforts at woodwork class.

In order to speed production of his new furniture up Frank has started using super glue.  In true Frank Spencer style the glue manages to stick frank to the chair and an old lady and a bus conductor.

Alongside his new furniture Frank has ben building a Wendy House or Jessica.  Unfortunately it’s a very large Wendy House  that proves too big to get through the workshop door.





Frank Spencer – Michael Crawford
Betty Spencer – Michelle Dotrice
Insurance Man – Richard Wilson


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Raymond Allen from stories by Michael Crawford
Original Transmission Date: 18th November 1978

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