Spitting Image At 30, 2014

Arena: Whatever Happened To Spitting Image?

We are looking back at the most famous puppet show of all: Spitting Image.  In part 1 we looked at the original series, in this post we look back to a special programme marking 30 years since it’s first transmission.

Arena: Whatever Happened To Spitting Image? was a one off episode of BBC Four’s flagship arts documentary series that was made to celebrate the influence of  Spitting Image, marking the 30th anniversary of it’s first transmission.


The show reunited the founding creative team of Peter Fluck, Roger Law and TV producer John Lloyd.  It told the vexed and frequently hilarious story of the genesis of the satirical puppet show and it’s influence on popular culture.  Also featured were contributions from the show’s impressionists and politicians of the time.

Spanning the early years of Margaret Thatcher’s Government to the end of John Major’s, Spitting Image puppets became almost as famous as the politicians they lampooned. In 2000 the puppets were auctioned off at Sotheby’s and in the course of the programme the team set out to discover what became of the famous puppets.






Channel: BBC4
Original Transmission Date: 25th February 2014

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