adrian juste presented a unique mix of music and comedy on BBC radio 1 between 1978 and 1994

Music And Comedy It Must Be…..

The Adrian Juste Show, 1978

This show on Radio 1 introduced me to a whole host of classic comedy that perhaps otherwise I would not have known about.  It was also part of the inspiration behind this site.

Between 1978 and 1994 Saturday lunchtimes BBC Radio 1 were must listen to.  For one hour it was Adrain Juste with his mix of music and comedy.

Juste got the idea when being interviewed for a job at Radio 1.  He thought that the station was looking for a show similar in style to another presenter: Jack Jackson.

Like Kenny Everett, Juste put his own shows together mixing music and comedy together on a specific theme.  The clips were at times quite complex, and intricately produced, using material from a wide variety of sources edited into one sequence.

The show ran until 1994 when Adrian Juste became one of the older presenters sacked by then station controller Mathew Bannister to make way for new younger presenters.


Each week Adrian Juste played a mix of comedy clips edited so that they ran on a particular theme.

As it was Radio 1 the comedy was mixed with hit records of the day.