Doctor Who – The Aztecs

The sixth story in the first Doctor Who series, sees another historical encounter for The Doctor.  Historical stories were very common during the time of the first Doctor.  This story revolved around a chance encounter with the Aztecs and sought to address the issue of whether time travellers can, or should, seek to change established history.

The serial was broadcast in four weekly parts.


The Doctor and his companions arrive in Mexico in the 15th Century, materialising  inside an Aztec tomb.  Upon emerging, Barbara is hailed as the reincarnation of the goddess Yetaxa.

Not heeding to The Doctor’s warnings, Barbara seizes the opportunity to influence history.  Her intentions are good, as she decrees an end to the practice of Human Sacrifice, but she instantly makes one of the high priests suspicious of her alleged divinity and pitches the other one headlong into a crisis of faith. Barbara finds that even a goddess can’t effect social change by will alone.

However in this story The Doctor also finds himself in trouble as he accidentally gets engaged to Cameca, an Aztec woman for whom he makes a cup of hot cocoa.



William Hartnell – The Doctor
Carole Ann Ford – Susan Foreman
Jacqeline Hill – Barbara Wright
William Russell – Ian Chesterton
Keith Pyott — Autloc
John Ringham — Tlotoxl
Ian Cullen — Ixta
Margot Van der Burgh — Cameca
Tom Booth — First Victim
David Anderson — Aztec Captain
Walter Randall — Tonila
André Boulay — Perfect Victim


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Lucarotti
Producer: Verity Lambert
Script Editor: David Whitaker
Original Transmission Dates: 23rd May – 13th June 1964

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