The Boy Who Saved England

The Boy Who Saved England, 1995

The Boy Who Saved England was the last the last Dad’s Army project to feature any of the original cast.

Long after the original series had finished and some twenty years after the final Radio episode, Jimmy Perry, one of the show’s original writers, wrote a sketch – The Boy Who Saved England, for the Last Night at the Paris evening (an evening of featured programs) on BBC Radio 2.  The sketch was part of the program “Full Steam A-Hudd”


While Captain Mainwaring and the platoon are on a secret mission, Private Pike, ARP Warden Hodges and the Vicar are left to guard HQ.

General Haverlock-Seabag who enlists Pike on a secret mission and temporarily drafts Hodges and The Vicar into the Home Guard to enable him to save England from the Nazi menace and an army of Winston Churchill robots.




Although the story started well many critics felt that it was getting beyond the realms of fantasy even for Dad’s Army.


Ian Lavender – Private Pike
Bill Pertwee – Chief Warden Hodges
Frank Williams – The Vicar
Jimmy Perry – General Haverlock-Seabag


Written By: Jimmy Perry
Channel: BBC Radio 2
Original Transmission Date: 3rd June 1995