The Museum Of Curiosity

The Museum Of Curiosity, 2008

The Museum Of Curiosity is a BBC Radio Comedy Talk Show. A Pilot show was recorded in 2007 under the title: The Professor of Curiosity, but was never broadcast.

Re-titled The Museum Of Curiosity, it began broadcasting in 2008 and to date, excluding the pilot episode, has run for eighty episodes over thirteen series.

The program has often been compared to the TV series QI, some critics have even gone as far to call it an inferior spin off.  However reviews for the program have largely been positive.

Co-creator John Lloyd hosts the show acting as the  head of the fictional museum.  He is joined by a curator who changes every series  and a panel of three guests, typically a comedian, an author and an academic.

Because of it’s radio format  suggested exhibits on the show  can be absolutely anything, limited only by the guests’ imaginations.


Each week the Head of The The Museum of Curiosity and his Curator invite a panel of three guests to join them.  Guests are invited to donate an object that fascinates them (Because of it’s radio format  suggested exhibits on the show  can be absolutely anything, limited only by the guests’ imaginations).

In series one there were lengthy introductions and decisions as to where the guest’s object would fit into the museum.

From series two the show took on a standard format.   Now presented in two halves; the first half, Lloyd and the curator introduce the three guests, provide an explanation of who they are, and the five engage in a general discussion.  For the second half, the curator declares the Museum open for donations and each guest explains what they wish to “donate” to the museum (again, as the museum is fictional, nothing is actually exchanged).

Questioning of all three guests ensures that everyone says something about each donation.








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Hosted By: John Lloyd


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Created By: John Lloyd, Dan Schrieber and Richard Turner
Original Transmission Dates: 20th February 2008 – present