There’s A New Kid In Town As The Classics Slip Away

It’s easy to forget those of us who are getting on a bit are becoming fewer (tongue firmly in cheek).  However ten or fifteen years ago if you asked someone their favourite Christmas Special, you would undoubtedly get the answer Only Fools And Horses or perhaps Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em.

Fast Forward to 2019 and the picture is very different. In a poll conducted by Radio Times The Office takes the top prize with the first ‘final’ Only Fools And Horses trilogy from 1996 taking second place.

The listings magazine polled more than 3000 readers via its website to determine the list.

Ricky Gervais who co-wrote The Office alongside Stephen Merchant said: “The Office Christmas Specials allowed me to repay the viewing public for sitting through the bleakness and tragedy of the previous 6 hours of David Brent. I always intended to give him a little hope by the end and I always knew Tim and Dawn would get together”.



“The Office was always a romantic comedy in my mind and I was excited about trying to combine the existential hopelessness of British sitcom with the ‘kindness is always rewarded’ optimism of Hollywood. In Slough”.

“I was blown away at the time by how it resonated with audiences and I’m over the moon that it’s still regarded with such affection today. ‘A good idea is a good idea forever.'”

It was good to see that some of the classics were still there.  Father Ted, The Good Life And Steptoe and Son all made the top 20.



The full list looked like this:

1) The Office
2)  Only Fools And Horses, 1996 Christmas Trilogy
3) Gavin  & Stacey
4) The Vicar Of Dibley ,The Christmas Lunch Incident
5) The Royle Family, Christmas 2000
6) The Good Life
7) Father Ted
8) The League Of Gentlemen
9) Blackadder’s Christmas Carol
10) Dinnerladies
11) Mr Bean
12) Miranda
13) Peep Show
14)  Mrs Brown’s Boys
15) Steptoe and Son
16) Porridge
17) Dad’s Army
18) Knowing Me, Knowing You
19) Last Of The Summer Wine
20) Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
21) Outnumbered

The list was compiled from a poll of over 3000 readers of the website


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