The Arthur Haynes Show, 1957

Arthur Haynes is a name that many younger readers will never of heard of unless they’ve seen the DVD’s.

However  in his time Haynes was at the very top of his game, but now sadly seems to be forgotten apart from by those he entertained for so long.

The Arthur Haynes Show was a comedy sketch series produced by ATV for the ITV Network.  The show ran from 1957, until Hayne’s death from a heart attack in 1966.

The series made Arthur Haynes one of Britain’s most popular comedians of the time.  Like many old shows, even with the advent of Digital, Cable and Satellite TV, a lack of repeats has meant many people have never seen or heard of Arthur Haynes.

There were a mammoth 158 shows made over the 15 series run.

The show brought about one of Hayne’s most notable characters: a working class tramp — Hobo Haynes, a belligerent, heavily decorated tramp fond of recounting tales of patriotic bravery whilst being ‘up to me neck in muck and bullets’.  The character was created by screenwriter Johnny Speight, who himself would go on to create that much loved biggot: Alf Garnett


The series was typical of many shows at the time and the template has been used many times since.

It would feature Arthur Haynes aided by Nicholas Parsons in a series of comedy sketches featuring special guests and musical numbers.









Arthur Haynes
Nicholas Parsons


Writers: Johnny Speight (is the only writer listed, but was not involved in every show)
Produced By: ATV for ITV
Original Transmission: 2nd January 1957 – 30th April 1966

Whilst the shows haven’t had a repeat in many years you can still catch up on DVD


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  1. Sharon Warwick

    What was the stage name and real name of the old lady in the series. She doesn’t appear in the list of the cast as far as i can see.


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