The Reluctant Landlord

The Reluctant Landlord, 2018

Top British stand up comedian Romesh Ranganathan takes a leap into sitcoms with a show he created and wrote himself.

The first series of six episodes premiered on Sky in October 2018, the series quickly caught on with viewers leading Sky to commission a second series for 2019.


When Romesh’s Father passes away he leaves behind his local pub.  Much to his annoyance Romesh finds himself running the pub, against his better judgement.

He has never wanted to be a landlord.  However, he’s outnumbered. His Mum feels it is the only way to keep his Dad’s legacy alive, and his wife and kids are having a ball there.

The series follows Romesh’s misadventures trying to rid himself of a pub he doesn’t want, whilst the family are using a generous helping of emotional blackmail to keep him there.









Romesh Ranganathan – Romesh
Sian Gibson – Natasha
Ceyda Ali – Theresa
Nick Helm – Lemon
Alexander Molony – Charlie


Channel: Sky One
Created And Written By: Romesh Ranganathan
Original Transmission Dates: 30th October 2018 – present