The Rescue, 1965

The third story in William Hartnell’s second season as in the first was a two parter.  It’s significant in that it was the first time we are introduced to a new travelling companion.

Because of the introduction of a new character The Rescue was very character based.  There are also stories that creator Sydney Newman told actress Maureen O’Brian that they were considering having her cut her hair and dye it black. O’Brien is said to have refused, saying, “Why don’t you just get Carole Ann Ford back?”

The Rescue was the first story under the guidance of new script editor Dennis Spooner.  However he is not listed in the credits because he had little to do since much of the job was given to his predecessor David Whittaker, who also wrote the story.


When the TARDIS lands on the planet Dido, The Doctor, Ian and Barbera encounter  two survivors of a space crash: Vicki and Bennett.

They are waiting a rescue ship, due to arrive in three days time.  Vicki and Bennett live in fear of a bipedal inhabitant of the planet named Koquillion, who is stalking the area.

As events unfold things are not as they seem.  The Doctor unmasks Koquillion to find it is really Bennett who is hiding a grave secret.

With no living family and nothing left for her on Dido, Vicki is welcomed aboard the TARDIS.







The Doctor – William Hartnell
Barbera Wright – Jacqueline Hill
Ian Chesterton – William Russell
Vicki – Maureen O’ Bren


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Whittaker
Script Editor Dennis Spooner
Produced By: Verity Lambert
Associate Producer: Mervyn Pinfield
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd January and 9th January 1965

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