The TV Lark, 1963

It’s 1963 and we reach series 5 of The Navy Lark.  However as we start the series there is a difference.  The popular show has now become the TV Lark, although most of the original cast are still here.

The TV Lark was intended as a replacement for The Navy Lark, when the then head of BBC Light Entertainment felt that “forces” humour was becoming a little dated and TV was the next “big thing”.



Consequently writers Alistair Scott Johnston and Laurie Wyman were instructed to create a new show with the same cast and set it in an independent TV studio.  The writers tried to prevent the idea becoming reality but were overruled and consequently the crew of HMS Troutbridge found themselves all aboard the TV Lark.

Comedian Janet Brown joined the crew for this series in the absence of cast regular Heather Chasen.

The TV Lark lasted just 10 episodes as, mainly due to public pressure, the production team of Alastair Scott Johnston and Laurie Wyman managed to revert the show to nautical capers. Storylines in The TV Lark nudged back to naval origins across the ten episodes until they were finally reunited with Troutbridge, which continued for another six episodes as the fifth series of The Navy Lark.


The entire crew of HMS Troutbridge have been drummed out of the service and hired by Troutbridge TV Ltd.  However their antics on dry land are no better than at sea and it’s not long before they find themselves back aboard Troutbridge for some more Navy Lark.


Sadly no clips are available but the series is included as part of the BBC Radio Collection’s series 5.




Dennis Price
Leslie Phillips
Jon Pertwee
Stephen Murray
Richard Caldicot
Ronnie Barker
Janet Brown
Tenniel Evans
Michael Bates
Judy Cornwell
Laurie Wyman
April Walker


Channel: BBC Light Programme
Written By: Alistair Scott Johnston and Laurie Wyman
Original Transmission Dates: 20th January – 29th March 1963

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