A Merry Heatwave – 1978

Brian Wilde had now completed almost two series as Foggy Dewhirst and the series had reached new heights in popularity.  It was time for the very first Christmas Special, well New Year Special.

As Roy Clarke was busy with other commitments to Open All Hours and Peter Sallis was starring in the ITV sitcom Leave It To Charlie, there was no new series commissioned for 1978.  Instead there were two Christmas Themed Episodes commissioned.  They were screened at the beginning and end of the year.  A Merry Heatwave was screened as part of series four.


Nora Batty’s brother, living in Australia, is unlikely to see another British Christmas.  With this in mind Foggy decides to film an old fashioned Christmas to send to him, unfortunately where do you find holly in the middle of a summer heatwave?





Bill Owen – Compo
Peter Sallis – Norman Clegg
Brian Wilde – Foggy Dewhirst
Kathy Staff – Nora Batty
Guest Appearance of Peter Postlethwaite


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Date: 1st January 1978


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