The Waterloo Bridge Handicap, 1978

A short comedy film shown in British cinemas in 1978.  In the same vein as The Plank and such films there is very little dialogue apart from Leonard Rossiter’s voiceover and Brough Scott’s commentary.

The film is very much like a send up of a horse race from the style of the commentary, through to the characters (except Rossiter’s) being given horse type nicknames.

The film popped up in cinemas again in 1981, preceeding Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  Although we can’t pinpoint any exact dates it appears that the film may also have been shown on ITV through Thames Television.


Each weekday morning, a group of commuters on the 8.15 from Surbiton race each other from Waterloo station to the north side of Waterloo Bridge. On this particular morning, Charles Barker (Leonard Rossiter), the favourite, is confident of winning. As the train enters the station Barker is on the wrong side of the carriage and subsequently sets off in 6th place behind Red Hair (G.B. Zoot Money), The City Gents, Likely Lady (Lynda Bellingham), Lincoln’s Inn (Ian Marter) and Austin Reed (John Quentin). Barker makes his way through the field and is delighted to see his opponents fall by the wayside — but he’s not prepared for the late run of newcomer Chubby Chap (Gordon Kaye).





Leonard Rossiter: Charles Barker
Gorden Kaye: Chubby Chap
Lynda Bellingham: Likely Lady
Patricia Hodge: Gossiping girl
John Quentin: Austin Reed
Brough Scott: Commentator


Written and Directed By:  Ross Cramer
Produced By: Fetter Productions and Paramount British Pictures
Distributed By: Cinema International Corp.
Year Of Release: 1978

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