Backs To The Land, 1977

And you thought you knew every sitcom that centred around the second world war, we wonder how many people remember this this one?

Backs To The Land was an ITV sitcom that clocked up nineteen episodes over three series between 1977 and 1978.  Focusing on the Women’s Land Army, the series was made for ITV by Anglia Television.

The theme song was sung by WW2 sweetheart, Anne Shelton.


Backs to the Land starts in 1940 with three young women who are in the Women’s Land Army going to work in a farm to replace the men who have gone to war.

The three women are Daphne, Cockney Jenny and Jewish, down to earth Shirley. They end up at Crabtree Farm in Clayfield, Norfolk. The owner is Tom Whitlow, and his sons are Roy and Eric.







Phillipa Howell – Shirley Bloom
Terese Stevens – Jenny Dabb
Marilyn Galsworthy – Daphne Finch-Beauchamp (first seven episodes)
John Stratton – Tom Whitlow
David Troughton – Roy Whitlow (series 1)
Michael Troughton – Eric Whitlow (series 1)
Jeremy Child – Captain Truscott (series 2)
Pippa Page – Bunny Burroughs (from series 2)
Charles Lamb – Wally
Geraldine Newman – Miss Rainbow
Peter Tuddenham – Landlord


Channel: ITV
Written By: David Climie
Original Transmission Dates: 15th April 1977 – 1st September 1978


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