We are always talking about how big comedy has become and here at British Classic Comedy you may have noticed that we like to dip into the past.  So you can imagine our delight, when following on from the success of Christmas 2010, digging up Ronnie Corbett for a one off show – The One Ronnie, some BBC executive decides to try the formula with three more legends, this time from the eighties AND it says series one.  Could there be more – YES PLEASE ! Although three years later there’s no sign so we won’t hold our breath.

Three eighties comedy legends return to the BBC to do what they do best make us laugh with a mix of stand up comedy and sketches.

The One Lenny Henry

He’s still got it.

The One Jasper Carrott

Jasper sums up the state of today’s TV brilliantly as he explains why he’s been missing for a while, “I can’t dance, I can’t skate or cook”

As on the button as ever they really need to bring Jasper back to our TV screens

The One Griff Rhys Jones

This seemed a bit of an unusual choice, there’s no doubting his comic ability, but he is perhaps best remembered for being part of comic duo Smith and Jones.  Still funny and highly enjoyable, particuarly the head to head at the end with Mel Smith.

These three shows highlight what’s missing from our screens, the return of some of these living legends of comedy.  It’s been nice to see recently Still Open All Hours and of course in 2013 the Missing Hancocks.  More like them please !


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