BBC2 is 50 years old this year, so over the course of this week we’ll be looking at some of the gems that have made their debut on the channel.  First up it’s popular stage act Hinge and Bracket.

Dr. Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket were the stage personae of the musical performance and female impersonation artists George Logan and Patrick Fyffe.

Active in theatre, radio and television between 1972 and 2001, this popular comedy partnership provided entertainment in the guise of two elderly eccentric spinsters, living genteel lives in the village of Stackton Tressel and celebrating their former careers on the provincial operatic stage.

Dear Ladies brought this popular double act to television in their own television series that ran for three series between 1983 and 1985.


Dear Ladies, offered us a peak behind-the-scenes at village life in Stackton Tressel, talked about so much in their stage routines, home to Doctor Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket.


George Logan
Patrick Fyffe

Written By: Gyles Brandreth
Channel: BBC2
Original Run: 1983 – 1985

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