The Comedy Album

Anybody under the age of about 35 will scratch their heads, DVD is now ‘old’, video is ‘antique’.  It’s almost unthinkable today when all our favourite and older TV shows are constantly being released to DVD and now Blu Ray.

In the mists of time before video recorders, HD etc we settled for a piece of black vinyl that you put on something called a record player or a cassette, remember tape recorders ?.  Monty Python released many albums, even some of Tony Hancock’s work found it’s way to album and then there were the “various artists” a compilation of sketches and songs from different people.  I personally remember playing to death a compilation cassette of my Dad’s entitled “A Bellyful Of Laughs” It’s this album that today’s post is looking back at.

So let’s go back over 40 years…

A Bellyful Of Laughs, 1976

Here are some of the highlights








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