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You Can’t Keep A Good Show Down

Even If You Re-Name It…..

There is always a debate to be had around whether or not the old shows are the best, often people laugh at wobbly sets or are just not interested in old.  If these vintage shows are so bad how is it TV companies like to re-invent the basic idea ?  Always an interesting debate.

When we sat down and thought about it many shows have made a comeback either as a direct updated version (Doctor Who), celebrity version (the list is endless), or even a remake with a different title, or just knicked a basic idea.  Take a look at some of these clips.  These are just a few…


My Family




Mr and Mrs




All Star Mr and Mrs




Family Fortunes

All Star Family Fortunes




Blind Date

Take Me Out

Of course Blind Date was revived in 2017 with Paul O’Grady as host




Slinger’s Day