Hugh and I, 1962

Hugh and I sees two comedy greats line up in another of those sitcoms that seems to have been brushed aside.

Hugh and I starred Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd playing themselves, as two friends sharing lodgings with Terry’s Mother.  It was made in Black and White and ran for six series.  There were also two short episodes in 1963 and 1964 that fertured as part of Christmas Night With The Stars.

Alongside the two stars their are some familiar names from behind the scenes of the world of comedy.  Of course Hugh Lloyd had appeared in episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour, coincidentally music for Hugh and I came from Wally Stott who was behind the music for Hancock’s Half Hour.  David Croft, writer of many a good sitcom produced the first five series.

Of sixty nine episodes and two shorts that were made only twenty four are believed to still exist in the BBC archives.


Terry Scott is a youngish bachelor who wants to achieve wealth without putting in any hard work. The scheming Terry lives with his mother at 33, Lobelia Avenue in Tooting, London. They have a simple and easily led lodger, Hugh Lloyd, who works at a local aircraft factory. The two often try and make money through one of Scott’s schemes.

Their next door neighbours, the Crispins and the Wormolds, also make frequent appearances. Mr Crispin is a loud mouth who thinks violence will solve a problem, Mrs Crispin is a snob and their daughter Norma is constantly chased after by men.

On the other side, the Wormolds are an old couple with Harold being very doddery.

In the final episode of the fifth series, Hugh wins £5,000 on the Premium Bonds (the highest prize at the time) and the following series shows he and Terry undertaking a world cruise. The neighbours and Mother had left the show by this point.







Terry Scott
Hugh Lloyd
Vi Stevens
Wallas Eaton
Mollie Sugden
Cyril Smith
Jack Haig
Patricia Hayes


Channel: BBC
Written By: John T. Chapman
Additional Material: John Junkin
Original Transmission Dates: 17th July 1962 – 17th January 1967

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