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  1. ted bellamy

    terry scott, june whitfield, & ronnie brody starred in a tv film where they wre openiing a garden fete.,possibly as Lord & lady Mayor styled similar to Futtocks End & The Picnic.with no proper dialogue,as I recal what was it called. .is it still on archive anywhere


    Do you have ANY record of a Radio 4 sitcom, probably from the late 70s/early 80s, called ‘Three Piece Suite’ (or 3-Piece)?

    I think it was made without a studio audience and starred Paula Wilcox as the daughter of a lady who ran a small lodging-house, plus the landlady herself and the one (young, male) boarder. It ran to one series and the stories revolved around those three, hence the title.

    I don’t recall who the man was, but I think the landlady was Patricia Routledge. I found it gentle but very funny and hoped for a repeat or a second series, but neither came – and suddenly 30-odd years have passed and you start to doubt your own memory…!!!

    My memory that it was Patricia – rather than the likes of Joan Sanderson or Prunella Scales who both did similar series. This would fit in with my memory of hoping that her later national fame might bring about a repeat, so this would place it after ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ in 1977, which had introduced me to her (AND our move to this house, in 1978!) and her national emergence via Victoria Wood in the mid- 80s, then her own series, later.

    I can’t , however, find a whisper about it in the listed work of ANY of the actors mentioned, either under that title or any other that might fit……….. AM I GOING DAFT, AT LAST??!!

  3. Elliot Horn

    Does anybody have an email address for this website at all? Apologies I can’t find any contact details on the site? Any help would be appreciated!

    • admin

      We don’t publicise the email due to crazy spam. We’re only a small one man band doing this for fun so don’t have resources to go through hundreds of spam and people trying to sell us services unfortunately.


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