The Al Read Show

The Al Read Show was one of the most popular radio comedy shows in the UK in the 1950s and 1960s.

Up to 35 million people listened to it each week. His catchphrases “Right Monkey” and “You’ll be lucky, I say you’ll be lucky!” were well known.


Much of his humour was observational and took the form of monologues.  Each week Al Read gave his audience his observational views on “pictures of life” The humour was unscripted.









Starring: Al Read


Channel: BBC Light Program
Archive: Only four of his original shows remain in the BBC Sound Archive
Repeats: The remaining four shows have enjoyed repeat airings on BBC Radio 4 Extra and many of his classic sketches and monologues have been compiled into various compilations that have been repeated many times.

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  1. M Stevenson

    I seem to remember an Al Read sketch where he’s giving a car driver directions to Skivington (?). Is it still available?


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