The Likely Lads, Special Festive Edition , 1974

This was the final TV outing for Bob and Terry.  Series two had ended in April, so to celebrate Christmas Bob and Terry make one final encore.

The titles for this episode read simply “The Likely Lads”.  There’s also a slightly different version of the theme tune, featuring Christmas bells.


Terry has passed his driving test and finds himself a job as a mini cab driver.

It’s Christmas so Bob and Thelma are off to a dance with Terry as their cab driver.   When Bob meets up with an old girl-friend Bob and Thelma find themselves rowing.

Thelma decides to leave the dance and asks Terry to drive her home, unaware that Bob & his ex-girlfriend are hiding in the back.  The ex-girlfriend forces Bob to drive her home, leading Terry to believe somebody has stolen his car.







Bob Ferris – Rodney Bewes
Thelma Ferris – Bridget Forsyth
Terry Collier – James Bolam


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais
Original Transmission Date: 24th December 1974

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