Bachelor Father, 1970

An almost forgotten BBC sitcom from the pen of Richard Waring whose credits included: Marriage Lines, and Mother Makes…with Wendy Craig.

Running for 2 series totalling 22 episodes plus two mini episodes as part of BBC’s Christmas Night With The Stars.  Writer Richard Waring loosely based the series around an autobiography by Peter Lloyd Jeffock, entitled: “Only Uncle”.


Peter Lamb is a rich man who has always wanted a family, but having failed to sustain any meaningful relationships, he finds himself single.

He decides to make his own family by fostering.  Having made the decision, he then goes on to foster five children from a variety of diverse backgrounds.







Ian Carmichael – Peter Lamb
Ian Johnson – Ben
Briony McRoberts – Anna


Of the 24 episodes only episode one of series 1 remains in it’s original colour format.  This and 3 others from series 1 and 9 episodes from series 2 exist as 16mm black and white telerecordings.


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Richard Waring
Original Transmission Dates: 17th September 1970 – 25th December 1971

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