Can ITV Hit The Bullseye Again?

Bullseye Rumoured To Be In Line For A Comeback

Following the success of  Luke ­Littler the 16 year old who reached  the final of the World Darts Championship, rumours are circulating that ITV bosses ‘are considering a reboot of iconic 80s game show after 28 years off-screen – with a major TV star as the host’.

Darts hero Luke, aged 16, finished as the runner-up in the 2024 World Darts Championship after being beaten by World Number One Luke Humphries earlier this week.  The final gripped the nation with 4.8 million people tuning into watch making it Sky Sports’  most watched non-football event ever.

Bullseye originally ran from 1981 to 1995, hosted by the late Jim Bowen it was must see Sunday tea-time TV.  Digital channel Challenge revived the show in 2006 with another comedian, Dave Spikey, as host.

Now the Mail Online reports “TV bigwigs are hoping to piggyback on the sports’ popularity and bring back iconic 80s gameshow Bullseye, with Paddy McGuiness as a potential host.”

The Mail goes on to report:

A source told The Sun: ‘ITV is already in discussions to bring back Bullseye after this year’s final drew in the event’s highest viewership in history.

‘It’s early days, but ITV think it could be hugely successful.

‘There are even plans to bring back the speedboat top prize — even if contestants live in a landlocked place, which often happened during Bullseye’s heyday.

‘They think Paddy, with his Lancashire roots like Jim, would be the perfect person to host.’