Mrs Browns Boys cast star in the hit tv series of the same name, da movie and now a live tv episode

Mrs Brown’s Boys Gets A Caning

Mrs Brown’s Boys Rage At New Year Special

Following the screening of the Mrs Brown’s Boys New year Special , legions of Twitter/X users demanded the BBC One series is cancelled.

The comedy, which is created by and stars Brendan O’Carroll, is famed for its production mistakes and tomfoolery.

In the latest instalment, Brendan’s character Agnes begins the New Year with a gruelling health and fitness regime.

However, a mysterious visitor raises some difficult questions about her past.

But many of the show’s fans were left unimpressed and took to social media where they moaned about it being “terrible”.

One fumed, “4 minutes in and still not laughed. #mrsbrownsboys used to be so funny!!”

Another added, “Why the f**k is this absolute s**t delaying the BBC news?”

Someone else agreed, “And so far IT’S RUBBISH! Running true to form then.”

One more wrote, “How has that tripe #mrsbrownsboys not been cancelled. It’s 2024 and it’s still going. Do better BBC. It’s excruciatingly terrible.”

Source and full article The Sun

Having watched it, I would have liked to have seen more of the physical comedy i.e. Agnes falling about.  Other than a limited storyline everything else was what I would expect from Mrs Brown: her own brand of language the innuendo, nothing viewers haven’t seen before.

Perhaps in today’s world we are too easily offended and it is reflected in the lack of comedy we see on our TV screens, instead we turn to live shows for our fix.  Mrs Brown’s Boys is nothing we haven’t seen before it was screened after the 9pm watershed, we all know what to expect from Mrs Brown in the early days we couldn’t get enough.  I begin to wonder if there is a future for TV sitcom on the mainstream channels instead we have to rely on greats that were screened so many years ago.

Long live Mrs Brown, despite the polls.