Mrs Brown’s Boys creator to pilot peacekeeper comedy

Mrs Brown’s Boy’s creator Brendan O’ Carroll is working on a new sitcom pilot episode for the BBC.

Entitled “The Lebanese Outpost” it will follow a group of Irish peacekeepers patrolling the Lebanese-Israeli border.

O’Carroll revealed the news during an event he was speaking at in the USA promoting Mrs Brown’s Boys coming to the Brit Box USA streaming service.

Explaining why he doesn’t have time to make another full series of Mrs Brown’s Boys he said “I’m doing a pilot at the moment of something else that I’m doing called ‘Lebanese Outpost’ and there’s a couple of projects that I’m working on.  In order to go back and do a series of Mrs Brown’s Boys, I’d have to drop those”.

He explained how Mrs Brown had become an annual staple of Christmas TV “The whole idea of the Christmas special was, when I started the contract with the BBC, I said, ‘I’m only doing three series. End of story. Three series of six.’ So, the first series we did six. Then they said, ‘Well the second series we do six and a Christmas special.’ So, I said, ‘OK’.

“So, we did six and the Christmas special. And then the third series they said, ‘Six and a Christmas special.’ I said, ‘Well look, why don’t we do two Christmas specials? Because we’re going to be in the studio anyway. Let’s get two of them out.’ So, we did the Christmas specials. Now the thing is, you know, our real income comes from touring. In order to keep it in the public conscious, the two Christmas specials really serve that purpose.”



BBC order second series of Ranganation

Romesh Ranganathan’s BBC2 show ‘The Ranganation’ has been commissioned for a second series.

The show, which sees the comedian discussing the news with a panel made up of members of the public, will return on Sunday nights in May.


Romesh Ranganathan said of the news: “I thought The Ranganation were brilliant last series and I really enjoyed looking at the world with them, so it is great that we are going to be doing it all over again. It also means that there is definitely a six week block where my mum is not having a go at me for not seeing her enough.”







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