Sir Ken Dodd, Vows To Return

Veteran comedian Sir Ken Dodd has described people who spread rumours of his death online as “monsters”.

The 90-year-old comic, who has said he is making good progress has been in hospital for two weeks with a serious chest infection, said they are “evil”.

Sir Ken said he had “been through a very, very dark place” with his illness but vowed to return to the stage.

The Liverpool funnyman added: “They have got quite a bit of work to do – they’ve got to get rid of this virus first then I can get back on the job.”

He said the fake death claims circulating on social media “didn’t upset me in the least but must have upset a lot of other people”.

Nothing But Praise

Sir Ken praised the medical team who have been caring for him and all of those who have sent him goodwill messages.

He added: “I just wish I could get up and tell you some gags but I’ll be there. As a famous general said ‘I shall return’.”

Sir Ken said he was honoured to be visited by The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, adding the “love and affection of people has made me cry”.



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