Rod ‘N’ Emu, 1991

Rod Hull had built a career alongside his Emu puppet, but perhaps the peak was the various Pink Windmill shows he did alongside Carol Lee Scott as Grotbags.

Rod ‘N’ Emu was something of a new departure for Hull as up until this point he’d been involved in live action shows and this was an animated kids show.  As well as lending his voice to the show Hull also created and wrote the show

Running for 13 episodes across 1991 this would be the last series to feature Rod Hull, Emu and Grotbags.


Rod ‘N’ Emu follows the adventures of Rod and his pet Emu whose lives are in danger from Grotbags and her companions






The Voices Of

Rod Hull – Rod
Carol Lee Scott – Grotbags
Freddie Stevens – Croc/Redford


Channel: CITV
Created and Written By: Rod Hull
Original Transmission Dates: 8th January – 2nd August 1991

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