Father Ted – A Christmassy Ted – 1996

The only Christmas special of this hugely popular sitcom, came after series two, the third series that followed in 1997 would be the last, as lead actor Dermot Morgan passed away following a heart attack in 1998.  Unlike the series episodes this special ran for 55 minutes.

It was Channel 4’s most popular non – film show at the time of it’s original broadcast.  Such is the popularity of the episode it regularly gets repeated on Channel 4 and More 4 at Christmas time.


Ted’s quick thinking whilst lost in the lingerie department of a large department store earns him a coveted Golden Cleric award.  Despite this Ted still feels unhappy.

Mrs Doyle is attempting to put up the Christmas Decorations and she’s none too pleased with her Christmas present.

Among all of this an “old friend” of Ted’s decided it’s time to pay a vist.







Dermot Morgan
Ardal O’ Hanlon
Frank Kelly
Pauline Mc Lynn


Channel: Channel 4
Written By: Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews
Original Transmission Date: 24th December 1996



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