Still going strong Steve wright in his Radio 1 days

Steve Wright In The Afternoon

If you’ve got the time, Steve’s got the grime, all the dirt you’ll ever need, it’s showbiz gossip time, and now to reveal it – here’s Steve !

Steve Wright In The Afternoon and In The Morning 1981 – 1995

We’ve mentioned Steve and his Big Show many times on this blog, but how many people remember Steve making his name with his original afternoon show on Radio 1 which he presented up until 1994 when he moved across to the Breakfast Show, before quitting in 1995 over differences with station controller Mathew Bannister.

We thought we’d take a quick look back to those golden days.


Steve Wright In The Afternoon aired on Radio 1 weekdays 2 – 5, even then.  It was the unique mixture of music, show business gossip, stories from the Weekly World News and of course all those wacky telephone characters, of which there were too many to list here but there’s a list of some of the better known ones at the end of this section, how many do you remember ?  In the later years the style changed as the characters were dumped and a ‘zoo’ style format was adopted with spoof guests and comedy sketches.  A “posse” of Radio staff and producers joined in the fun.

Popular characters:
Mr Angry from Purley
Sid The Manager
Mr Mad
Gervais, the hairdresser
Dave Double Decks
Down The Pan Daleks

A comprehensive list can be found at




Steve Wright – presenter
Gavin Mc Coy – character creator and performer
Peter Dickson – character creator and performer
Richard Easter – character creator and performer
Phil Cornwall – character creator and performer


Station: Radio1
Original Run: 1981 – 1995

Steve Wright’s Book Of Factoids.  During the 1980’s Steve had a record “We Are The Gay Cavalleros”