The Legends of Saturday Night

The Legends Of Saturday Night As we continue to endure lockdown and yearn for the return of normality, British Classic Comedy would like to take you back in time to when Saturday night was the night for TV. ...
bruce and anthea switch sides o host bruce forsythia's big night

The Legend Of Saturday Night TV

The Very Best Of Saturday Night Classics How many do you remember?Perhaps one of the most remembered Saturday night shows? Rogers and Dusty Bin

Eddie Large, Has Died

Eddie Large, Has Die, Aged 78 Comedian Eddie Large, best known for being part of double act Little and Large, has died with coronavirus. The star, 78, was a well known face on TV in the 1970s and 80s and was ...
early 1970's impression show who do you do

Who Do You Do?

An All Star Cast Are Asked...... Who Do You Do? 1972 Who Do You Do was an early ITV comedy impressions and sketch show.It ran for five series between 1972 and 1976 clocking up fifty two episodes along the...