Our Favourite Hancock – Part 4

The Wild Man Of The Woods

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first broadcast of Hancock’s Half Hour on BBC Radio, comedy scriptwriting legends Ray Galton and Alan Simpson are presenting a very special series of posts, in which they share their personal favourite episodes from their work on TV and Radio.  This week’s pick comes from Hancock’s Half Hour Radio series.


G&S: This is our final pick from the Hancock’s Hour series.  Coming from the fourth series we did with Tony, in which Hattie Jacques joined the cast from episode five, Wild Man Of The Woods was episode sixteen.  By now we were writing for Tony on both radio and television, this would continue until 1959 when the radio series came to end.

We’ve picked Wild Man Of The Woods because of a particularly funny scene with Kenneth Williams’ Snide character that we were really pleased with.


When Hancock wants to get away from it all he decides to camp out on Clapham Common.  But after an initial setback Sid helps out by renting him a bit of forest..but what’s in it for Sid?





Tony Hancock
Sid James
Bill KerrHattie Jacques
Kenneth Williams
Warren Mitchell
Fenella Fielding


Channel: BBC Light Program
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Dennis Main Wilson
Original Transmission Date: 27th January 1957

Next Week: Galton and Simpson turn their attentions to Steptoe and Son


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