The Howerd Confessions, 1976

Aside from Up Pompeii it’s often difficult to pin Frankie Howerd down on TV.  He appeared on all the big shows and had plenty of TV success that often fails to get a mention.

The Howerd Confessions was a six part series he did for Thames Television in 1976.

For those who like their fix of “I didn’t know that” The Howerd confessions was one of five UK comedy series repackaged under the umbrella title, “After Benny, Thames Presents”, to expand the episode count of the initial USA release of The Benny Hill Show (1969).  These programs, one shown each weekday, would replace the Hill series for a few weeks every so often.


Presented as six different playlets, each supposedly relating to episodes from Howerd’s past, Frankie plays characters in his full over-the-top inimatable style.

In his ‘Confessions’ Frankie reveals how his George Formby impressions helped win World War II; tells about the time when he NEARLY got married; lets slip about how he came to be in possession of a stolen grandfather clock and then discloses his saga of Howerd the Criminal and Howerd the Private Eye.








Frankie Howerd – Frankie all episodes
Joan Sims – Nellie / Matron / Mrs Beachum [episodes 1, 3 and 4]
Caroline Munro – Captain Latour [episode 2]
Madeline Smith – Nurse [episode 3]
John Junkin – Sergeant [episode 4]
Linda Thorson – Eve [episode 5]
Alfie Bass – Chalky White [episode 5]
Alan Curtis – Sgt Hardman [episode 5]
April Olrich – Deirdre [episode 6]
Sarah Douglas – Lola [episode 6]
Cyril Appleton – Sergeant [episode 2]


Channel: ITV
Written By: Dave Freeman and Dick Hills
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd September – 7th October 1976