The Steam Video Company, 1984

Rare 1980’s comic gem featuring the late great Barry Cryer among others.

The Steam Video Company was a six part 1984 TV comedy series produced by Thames Television for ITV

The programmes featured a regular cast of comic actors in a variety of roles, including: William Franklyn, Barry Cryer and Jimmy Mulville

The title is thought to be a reference to ‘the golden age of steam railways’, with the ‘steam video’ apparently a spoof on the multitude of low-budget horror and exploitation films available during the early days of the British home video boom.

Each episode had a different theme and title.


The series took the form of a sketch show spoofing low budget horror films and various television programmes, with over the top ridiculousness and non-stop jokes.







William Franklyn
Barry Cryer
Anna Dawson
Bob Todd
Madeline Smith
Jimmy Mulville


Channel: ITV
Written By: Andrew Marshall and David Renwick
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 19th January – 23rd February 1984

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