Victoria Wood’s All Day Breakfast

Victoria Wood’s All Day Breakfast, 1992

A one off fifty minute special from the genius that was Victoria Wood.

The program went out at Christmas yet had nothing to do with the festive season, it was effectively a send up of daytime TV.

Victoria Wood said in a radio interview around the time that she just found the idea of a married couple presenting a television show funny and also stated that Richard Madeley and  Judy Finnigan said they both loved her parody of them.


Victoria Wood presents her own unique take on British daytime magazine programmes.

The show was a series of sketches linked by Duncan Preston and Victoria Wood starring as fictitious husband and wife daytime TV presenters ‘Martin Cumbernauld’ and ‘Sally Crossthwaite’.

Effectively All Day Breakfast was lampooning the real husband and wife presenting team of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan who were the original presenters of daytime magazine show ‘This Morning’.






Duncan Wood – Martin Cumbernauld
Victoria Wood – Sally Crossthwaite


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Victoria Wood
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1992