Victoria Wood As Seen On TV – 1985

During the 1980’s comedy on television continued to flourish.  Although the output was not as controversial, or as prolific it was moving with the times.  One such element was the emergence of some great women comics into a genure previously dominated by the men.

Victoria Wood was perhaps the biggest of these stars.  Although ‘As Seen On TV’ did not appear until 1985, Victoria Wood was no stranger to television having had success on ITV with another show “Wood and Walters”.

However with the promise of bigger budgets and more creative control she was lured over to the BBC in 1984.

Despite it’s popularity the show only ever ran for two series and a total of 13 episodes, two series of 6 and a Christmas Special.


Each show would start with Victoria Wood performing stand – up material.  It then moved onto sketches and songs.  Many of the sketches were linked by Susie Blake as a snobbish and arrogant television continuity announcer.

As well as the songs and sketches there was the hugely popular mock soap that ran each week “Acorn Antiques”








Victoria Wood
Julie Walters
Celia Imrie
Duncan Preston
Patricia Routledge
Susie Blake


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Victoria Wood
Produced By: Geoff Posner
Original Transmission Dates: 11th January 1985 – 15th December 1987


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