Alan Carr’s Spectacular, 2011

Alan Carr’s Specstacular is the name given to a series of one off special shows presented by comedian Alan Carr.

The show originally debuted on 31st December 2011 as Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular.  The show caught on and has returned each year since.

In addition to the annual show there have been a number of spin off specials including two Summertime Specstaculars in 2012 and a Grand National Specstacular in 2013.


As the show starts we see  Alan Carr mischievously setting off a giant rocket in the basement of Channel 4.

Subsequently it blasts through the roof to the delight of the queueing crowd outside spelling out the show’s title.

The show itself sees Alan and guests all competing in sketches, games and musical performances.







Alan Carr


Channel: Channel 4
Produced By: Open Mike Productions
Original Transmission Dates: 31st December 2011 – present

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