Gameshow Marathon, 2005

Gameshow Marathon was the generic title given to two series of show,s fifteen episodes in all, that recreated classic game shows.

Ant and Dec’s Gameshow Marathon was the first in 2005, made to celebrate ITV’s 50th anniversary.

This series recreated seven classic game shows.  These were: The Price Is Right, Take Your Pick, The Golden Shot, Sale Of The Century, Play Your Cards Right, Bullseye and Family Fortunes.  As the title suggests the shows were hosted by Ant and Dec.

Two years later in 2007 the series was revived.  This time round the series was entitled Vernon Kay’s Gameshow Marathon and as the title suggests was presented by Vernon Kay.

With a slightly revised format this series recreated eight classic game shows, including another round of: Bullseye,The Price Is Right, The Golden Shot and Play your Cards Right.  The other shows were: Blockbusters, Mr And Mrs and Blankety Blank.

The format was very simple.   There’s a quick retrospective look at the history of the particular show, after which the show itself is recreated. The recreation involves a reconstruction of the original set and using original opening programme titles.

Several of the shows were revived as a result of Gameshow Marathon (see later in post).  The series clearly hit the right note with TV bosses as a third series entitled: Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow Marathon will air in 2020.

Summary: Ant And Dec’s Gameshow Marathon

Six celebrities competed in a series long tournament of classic game shows.  Celebrities won cash for their chosen charities.  As in the original shows cash and prizes are up for grabs these were added to a prize mountain to which viewers could enter a telephone competition at the end of each episode to win.  These were presented by Les Dennis

Round One

The six celebrities competed in four classic gameshows, hosted by Ant and Dec: The Price Is Right, Take Your Pick, The Golden Shot and Sale Of The Century over four weeks.  At  the end of Sale Of The Century, Two celebrities were eliminated.  The remaining four progress to the semi-finals.


The remaining four celebrities compete in Play Your Cards Right.  One is eliminated with the remaining three competing in Bullseye.  Another is eliminated leaving the remaining two to progress to the Final.

The Final

The remaining two celebrities invite their families to join them to play Family Fortunes.

Summary: Vernon Kaye’s Gameshow Marathon

Similar format to series one.  Hosted by: Vernon Kay

Round One

Again six celebrities compete, but this time in five shows: The Price Is Right, Blockbusters, Blankety Blank, The Golden Shot and Name that Tune.  At the end of Name That Tune one is eliminated leaving five to progress to the quarter-finals


The five remaining celebrities invite their partners to compete in Mr and Mrs.  Two celebrities are eliminated.  The three remaining progress to the semi-finals.


The three remaining celebrities compete in Bullseye.  One is eliminated leaving the remaining two to battle it out in the final.

The Final

The two celebrities remaining in the competition compete in Play Your Cards Right.

Viewer prizes are presented by: Lional Blair









Several shows from Gameshow Marathon were revived.

From series one Bullseye returned for thirty shows presented by Dave Spikey on  game show channel Challenge.  Family Fortunes (now in celebrity format) returned to prime time TV on ITV.  Joe Paquale revived The Price Is Right for ITV’s daytime schedules.

From series two Blockbusters returned to game show channel Challenge for one series, whilst Mr and Mrs was revived by ITV in celebrity format.

Hosted By:

Ant and Dec (Series One)
Vernon Kay (Series Two)


Channel: ITV
Original Transmission Dates:
17th September – 29th October 2005 (series one)
7th April – 26th May 2007 (series two)





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